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SS1 Drippin' Everywhere

Thank YOU!

What’s up, everybody! Today’s the day my team and I have been waiting for for months now. When Young Scrimmage, TAJ, and myself got together to start working on this, it didn’t have a name, concept, or process. It was a blank canvas. Better yet, there wasn’t even a canvas, just three people throwing paint on the wall. Throughout this development, we learned more about our art, and ourselves. Midway through I decided that the name of the EP should be SS1. Decide what it means for yourself. It literally means whatever you want it to mean, because just like it’s mine, and it’s also yours. I wanted to put songs on here to fit every vibe. From pregame to break up, I put it all out there for y’ all. To those who have believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, thank you. To those who doubted me, thank you too. Regardless, I love you both. Play this at your parties and in your room by yourself. I think you’ll find that both will satisfy. This is SS1.




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