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"Final 4."

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Thank You,
Whoever you are, wherever you are, thank you for being here right now

My name is TAJ. and I present to you, "Final 4."


This project took 4 years and a lot of lessons. Just to get here right now we had to learn to engineer, build a studio, survive a pandemic, and stay true to ourselves. This body of work is something i am proud of and i hope you enjoy listening to it half as much as i enjoyed creating it. Whenever you want to listen you can come right here and play it.

You won't find this on your favorite streaming services because they won't let you release your music the way you want to (you can find me on your favs right here tho). You'll notice there's almost an hour of music with no stops and that's intentional, this project is meant to be listened to from start to finish.

It'll always be free to come here and listen to this project but you can also take it with you if you want (just click the album button below). If you want you can own it along with amazing other things like bonus material and unreleased music, just click the button below. Every action helps us stay independent and creating what we love.

Buy final 4

Final 4.

The is the complete 4 4 the 4 series. This project spans 4 years, and showcases the timelessness of creation. 4 4 the 4 was just an idea and now and it's an album.

This is

Final 4.

4 The For 4 | 09-14-16

4 4 the 4 | 02-12-2018

4 the GAME. | 10-26-2018

4 Me. | 10-4-2019

Final 4. | 10-09-2020


What do you think? Let me know. text or call me 563-447-1762

If you hated it, i still wanna know.

If you really liked it keep on reading.

We all know that nothing in this life is free. The time and attention you're using right now is priceless and again, i thank you

For me all i ask if you are going to play these songs do so right here or get a copy of your own you can play where ever! You can also purchase each of the projects separately if you'd like. Also, all of my discographies will be listed below along with some shirts and other merch.

If you don't want to buy anything there's also a donate button all the way at the bottom that you can give just if you believe in the cause. There's also a link right here to download the project in full. 

Again thank you for the time, it means more than you know.

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Final 4. Bundles

Buy Final 4.

Go right up to the project window nad click the album button in the top right corner


Big Fan Bundle

Personal copy of Final 4.

Exclusive un-released track preview

Final 4. Poster


True Fan Bundle

Big Fan Bundle

Final 4. t shirt

FaceTime call with TAJ.

Special edition Final 4. mix


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