"My city's East Moline, so I put it in my name (East$ide), same way Ima on my chain."

East$ide AVE, born Avery Demetrius Pearl II, is an upcoming artist who aspires to "bring about a new wave/era of rap music." While there are millions who attempt to create music, East believes his balance of flow and lyricism, combined with his ability to entice an emotional response from his listeners, is what differentiates him from the rest of the herd. 


While he is East$ide AVE, he also has numerous aliases reflect his different types of vibes. East$ide wAVE represents the new wave he will bring to the rap game. Similar to the story of Noah's Ark, East has major plans to drown out raps undesirables with flows. Will you be riding the East$ide wAVE?


In addition, A. Smooth is the persona of East which he taps to create music for his female audience. According to East, "the ladies don't always wanna hear high hats and 808s blaring over a synth". Due to this, A. Smooth brings more melodies into the music to create a more harmonious piece of art. While East$ide Flame is another alias, he stated that alias is better shown than explained. 

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